SimInsights and Crane Morley Generative Al-powered live podcast

Irvine, California, August 09 2023: SimInsights and Crane Morley organized a live podcast featuring an appearance by a virtual-human powered by HyperSkill and GPT4’s Generative Al technology. Watch this HyperSkill and GPT4 powered Generative Al virtual-human join the podcast with representatives from SimInsights and Crane Morley. The thoughtful responses and incredible improv-capabilities demonstrated by the Al were stunning. This simulation was built using the HyperSkill no-code platform. You can watch the recorded video of this remarkable podcast on YouTube by following this link.

Generative AI

Imagine the possibilities for learning, training and assessment. We built HyperSkill to truly unlock the possibilities and scale the solution through ease of use, low prices and cross platform support. We are investing in professional development programs to put this technology in the hands of teachers and trainers everywhere so it can help prepare the youth and the workforce for the rapidly shifting landscape of degrees and careers. We are working on the next few podcasts in this series. Please contact us to learn more about the making of this podcast or to share your feedback.

Stay tuned for further episodes in this podcast series, as SimInsights continues to push boundaries and unveil the future of immersive learning experiences.