SimInsights Announces Hindi Text-To-Speech (TTS) Capability

Irvine, California, August 28, 2023: SimInsights has added an exciting enhancement to its flagship product, HyperSkill. The platform now supports Hindi Text-to-Speech (TTS), further enhancing the capabilities of HyperSkill, a no-code platform for developing AR/VR simulations. Hindi TTS opens up new horizons for multilingual AR/VR experiences, enabling millions of Hindi-speaking users worldwide to engage in immersive simulations with realistic audio interactions. 

India alone, with its diverse linguistic landscape, is home to over 500 million Hindi speakers. The incorporation of Hindi TTS into HyperSkill represents a monumental stride toward creating immersive simulations that cater to the linguistic diversity of a vast global audience. 

To harness the power of this new feature, users simply need to navigate to the Settings section, where a Virtual Person Language dropdown menu now includes the option to select ‘Hindi’, as exemplified in the accompanying screenshot.

As an illustrative simulation, you can view the video demonstrating “Baking a Cake with Hindi TTS” here

The authoring UI

Hindi TTS is a testament to SimInsights’ dedication to breaking language barriers, making education universally accessible, and ensuring that learners can immerse themselves in the world of AR/VR simulations with ease. This innovation promises to revolutionize the way Hindi-speaking users engage with educational content in the virtual realm.