SimInsights Participated in ED Games Expo at Washington DC

Irvine, California, Sep 25, 2023: SimInsights participated in the ED Games Expo organized by IES (Institute of Education Sciences) that took place at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts REACH and locations across Washington, DC from September 19 through 22, 2023. Our representative, Neil Waters, showcased HyperSkill, our no-code platform, and Skillful, a marketplace for immersive simulations for unlimited career exploration.

The ED Games Expo serves as the yearly public exhibition featuring groundbreaking educational technology (EdTech) innovations run by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the U.S. Department of Education (ED), and various government entities. This event attracts a diverse audience, including developers and researchers in the education sector, participants from all sectors of the education community, students, educators, families, and children, as well as representatives and leaders from federal agencies and offices.

Skillful is a rapidly growing collection of over 50 immersive, AI-powered VR/AR simulations covering a wide range of jobs including but not limited to medical, manufacturing, emergency response, pharma, retail, culinary, aviation, and soft skills fields. Skillful is priced for accessibility and impact at only $149/month for unlimited devices and only $1 per student so that an unlimited number of people can explore careers and jobs. Skillful is powered by HyperSkill, a platform that enables rapid no-code creation and delivery of training and assessment for workforce development and education. 

Pictures from the event are available here

Skillful and HyperSkill stood out in four  key aspects:

  • Openness: Unlike other vendors, HyperSkill and Skillful are open which allows customers to incorporate simulations from multiple sources. It fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry which are vital for benefitting the entire ecosystem
  • Innovation: HyperSkill sets itself apart by supporting no-code creation, cross-platform delivery, and AI-powered learning and assessment. These innovative features offer unparalleled flexibility and advanced learning experiences.
  • Agility: HyperSkill’s accelerated simulation creation process, offers 100 times faster than traditional coding using game engines, impressed attendees. This means new content can be developed within days or weeks, revolutionizing the speed at which training materials can be produced.
  • Shared ownership: Unlike other vendors, HyperSkill enables customers to own the intellectual property (IP).

To learn more about our programs, please visit our website or contact our sales team for detailed information on how HyperSkill can empower your organization with cost-effective and impactful training solutions.