SimInsights Announces the Transition of HyperSkill Game Engine from Unity 2019 to Unity 2022

Irvine, California, Sep 28, 2023: SimInsights is excited to reveal a significant and forward-looking development for its flagship product, HyperSkill. The company has officially announced the transition of HyperSkill’s  game engine from Unity 2019 to the more advanced and powerful Unity 2022.

The shift to Unity 2022 enhances the capabilities of HyperSkill across multiple dimensions. Users can expect improved performance, enhanced graphics rendering, and an array of new tools and features that will empower authors and developers to create even more engaging and realistic simulations. This transition also ensures that HyperSkill remains compatible with the latest AR/VR devices and technologies, guaranteeing that users can explore and learn in cutting-edge virtual environments. 

About HyperSkill:

HyperSkill is a leading AI-powered learning platform that offers a wide range of courses, tutorials, and educational resources. Leveraging advanced technology, HyperSkill provides personalized and engaging learning experiences to users worldwide, empowering them to acquire valuable skills and knowledge.