SimInsights to Participate in OMIC’s Manufacturing Day

Irvine, California, October 5, 2023: SimInsights will be participating in this event being held at the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC) on October 6th where hands-on demonstrations will be given to students and a chance to explore the possibilities of entering the manufacturing workforce. The event will be a great opportunity to interact with industry leaders in advanced manufacturing and showcase career opportunities in the manufacturing industry to interested students.

The U.S. manufacturing sector plays a pivotal role in powering the world’s eighth-largest economy. Manufacturing Day is an annual affair where manufacturers open their facilities to provide a glimpse of the cutting-edge innovations and possibilities within modern manufacturing. This event is designed to spark interest in manufacturing careers and showcase the industry’s vital role in shaping the future. 

SimInsights participation in OMIC’s Manufacturing Day underscores its commitment to promoting manufacturing as a vibrant and promising career path. By engaging with students and industry leaders, SimInsights aims to inspire the next generation of talent and shed light on the endless opportunities awaiting those considering a career in the manufacturing industry.