SimInsights Enhances Hyperskill with Updated Organizations Feature: Streamlining Learning Management for Teams and Institutions

Irvine, California, November 22, 2023: SimInsights, a leader in immersive learning experiences, is proud to announce significant updates to its Organizations feature within the Hyperskill platform. This enhancement is set to further streamline learning management for teams and institutions, providing advanced tools for efficient organization, member management, and control over simulations and virtual objects. The upgraded Organizations feature brings a heightened level of sophistication to the learning experience. This update reflects SimInsights commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that users have access to cutting-edge tools for optimal learning management.

Key Advancements: 

  • Efficient Organization Management: Users can seamlessly manage existing organizations or create new ones, providing a centralized hub for collaborative endeavors. 
  • Enhanced Member Management: The Organizations feature facilitates easy member management, allowing users to invite new members, edit roles, and ensure a well-organized team structure. 
  • Simulation Control: Users gain control over simulations, with the ability to add or remove simulations, providing a tailored learning experience for organization members. 
  • Virtual Object Oversight: Complete authority over virtual objects, allowing users to add or remove these resources, ensuring a well-curated and secure learning environment.


The Organizations feature serves as a cornerstone for improved organization, heightened collaboration, and enhanced security within the learning ecosystem. 

  • Improved Organization: Effortlessly keep track of members, simulations, and virtual objects, fostering a well-organized and efficient learning environment. 
  • Increased Collaboration: The feature empowers users to collaborate seamlessly on projects, promoting a collaborative and engaging learning experience. 
  • Enhanced Security: Providing a secure way for users to share resources, the Organizations feature ensures a safe and controlled learning space.

To explore the new features, users can follow a step-by-step guide in a detailed tutorial video available on SimInsights official YouTube channel: Watch Tutorial Video. This resourceful video aims to guide users through the updated Organizations feature, ensuring a seamless transition into the enhanced learning management experience.