Quantitative Analysis of Avatar Preferences: Insights from HyperSkill’s A/B Testing Platform

Irvine, California, December 21, 2023: This article presents a detailed analysis of a recent A/B test conducted on HyperSkill’s advanced testing platform, focusing on user preferences between “2D Avatar” and “3D Avatar.” The objective was to gain a nuanced understanding of user engagement and preferences, and the results provide valuable insights for decision-makers in product development and marketing.


In the pursuit of data-driven decision-making, A/B testing has become a cornerstone for evaluating user preferences and engagement. The recent A/B test conducted on HyperSkill’s platform aimed to shed light on the nuanced distinctions between “2D” and “3D” avatars, presenting a methodical approach to understanding user interactions.


The A/B test, executed from November 13 to November 14, employed a randomized sequence to present users with either a “2D Avatar” or a “3D Avatar.” The subsequent data analysis, concluded by November 15, provided a comprehensive report to internal stakeholders, ensuring a swift turnaround in decision-making processes.

Key Findings:

The analysis revealed a clear preference among testers for the “3D Avatar,” with 70% of participants favoring it over the “2D Avatar.” This preference was reflected in the overall ratings, with the “3D Avatar” receiving an impressive average rating of 10, while the “2D Avatar” garnered a favorable but comparatively lower rating of 7.

User Engagement Insights:

Delving deeper into user engagement, the study demonstrated that 60% of testers evaluating the “3D Avatar” reported feeling engaged, with an additional 40% expressing a high level of engagement. In contrast, the “2D Avatar” elicited a moderate level of engagement, with 50% feeling engaged, 30% neutral, and 20% very engaged.


Based on the conclusive findings, the majority preference for the “3D Avatar” suggests a notable potential to capture user attention. Decision-makers are advised to consider this preference in aligning product development and marketing strategies. The higher engagement levels observed with the “3D Avatar” indicate a promising avenue for enhancing user experience.


Contrary to initial expectations, the A/B test results show a preference for the “3D Avatar” over “2D” avatars. In future work, this study may be repeated with a different and larger sample of users. HyperSkill’s rapid A/B testing capabilities make it possible to rapidly run A/B tests like this in gaining meaningful insights contributing to optimized decision-making processes.