SimInsights Announces Support for Chromebooks

Irvine, California, January 26 2024: SimInsights has announced support for HyperSkill on Chromebooks via the Chrome browser. This initiative is a testament to SimInsights unwavering commitment to fostering equity and access within the realm of educational technology, allowing schools to harness the power of immersive learning experiences using their existing hardware infrastructure with confidence.

HyperSkill is the leading no-code platform for immersive, AI-powered learning, developed by SimInsights, a California Corporation located in Irvine. Developed with R&D funding from the National Science Foundation, HyperSkill is on a social impact mission to help organizations achieve substantially more in training with limited funds. This commitment to accessibility and affordability sets HyperSkill apart from other vendors in the market.

HyperSkill simulations can range from full video-game like 3D worlds to SMS text chat-like simplified interface, depending on the customers’ preference. This versatility is unprecedented in the industry. In our tests on Chromebooks, most of the HyperSkill simulations function at a satisfactory level. 

A unique feature of HyperSkill is the ability to create conversational AI-powered simulations for soft-skills such as interview practice, negotiation, etc. where learners can speak naturally and the AI responds intelligently, while also providing scores and feedback. These types of simulations also functioned properly on Chromebooks.

Educational institutions keen on embracing HyperSkilll on Chromebooks are encouraged to explore the possibilities and benefits by visiting SimInsights’ official website at Additionally, for personalized consultations and inquiries, institutions are invited to reach out and contact us directly for comprehensive assistance.

SimInsights remains committed to pushing the boundaries of educational technology, ensuring that its offerings contribute not only to the present needs of educational institutions but also to the ongoing advancement of equity and accessibility within the field.