SimInsights launches Soft Skills Training with HyperSkill 2.0

Irvine, California, Jan 18, 2024: SimInsights launches HyperSkill 2.0, a platform designed to revolutionize Soft Skills training. Soft skills are widely recognized as key for productivity, well being and lifelong learning, and have received increasing attention and importance in recent years. However, much of soft skills training is still e-learning based, which often fails to engage many learners. Learners say that e-learning content is dull and boring, and overly rigid. We approach soft skills training differently, and apply AI and VR/MR technologies to make training engaging and effective, while keeping the cost at the same level as e-learning. We do this by applying our no-code platform HyperSkill to author and deliver immersive, interactive and intelligent training.

HyperSkill enables the rapid authoring of soft skill simulations at an unprecedented speed and price, allowing users to have a simulation ready in as little as a day. This innovative platform boasts three unique capabilities that make it powerful and versatile:

  • Context-Sensitive Scenarios: HyperSkill 2.0 allows users to author conversations in almost any setting, including clinical, manufacturing, and data center environments. By providing context-sensitive scenarios, HyperSkill enhances the effectiveness of training, as context is crucial for optimal learning outcomes.
  • AI-Powered Interactions: Unlike traditional e-learning platforms that rely on laboriously authored branching scenarios, HyperSkill 2.0 leverages AI to deliver flexible and infinitely branching training. Learners can freely express themselves, and the AI dynamically adapts to their responses, providing a highly engaging and personalized learning experience.
  • Scoring and Feedback: HyperSkill 2.0 addresses the challenge of scoring and feedback in free-response scenarios. With AI technology, the platform delivers valued and reliable scoring, offering learners insights into their performance and areas for improvement. 

We worked with leading organizations that have spent years developing training content, soft skills frameworks, assessments and credentials, jobs databases, etc. to deeply understand the core set of requirements that a platform would need to provide in order to truly scale and cover the wide range of training scenarios needed by industry. Then, we implemented over 15 innovative features within HyperSkill and pilot tested them with users. The result is a powerful platform that can enable rapid authoring of soft skills simulations at a speed and price unmatched in the industry.  To learn more, please visit