SimInsights announces self-serve training for HyperSkill no-code immersive training platform 

Irvine, California, February 5 2024: SimInsights, a leading provider of immersive, AI-powered software and services, is proud to announce the release of self-serve video based training for HyperSkill no-code platform. The video playlist is available on SimInsights’ channel on Youtube. Anyone can follow the video tutorials with a free download of HyperSkill and take a proficiency test to get certified in immersive content creation.


From day 1, SimInsights has been focused on fostering equity and access when it comes to immersive, AI-powered learning. Immersive learning delivers results, however, the technology is emerging and early adopters need education and support. They also need affordable products. Our team closely worked with users at over 100 organizations in enterprise, education and non-profit sectors to thoroughly understand the market needs across the spectrum of product features, price, IP, partnerships and support. A recurring theme was the need for an easy to learn product with self-serve support. Today’s announcement is part of our ongoing effort to empower every organization to embrace and adopt immersive learning to help students and the workforce upskill and re-skill in the most engaging and effective way.

To learn more about the ongoing training development efforts or to request customized training, please contact us.