Meta Quest vs Microsoft Hololens

Irvine, California, January 26 2024: SimInsights is announcing a helpful comparison between  HyperSkill and similar mixed reality products to help clients make informed decisions.

Very Large US company HyperSkill

Hardware Platform

Hololens, Mobile support in development
Desktop, Web, HoloLens, Quest, Vive, Mobile Device

Mixed Reality Lowest Cost

Hololens - $3,500
Quest 3 - $399

AI Integration

AI currently in development
AI capability available today for soft skills training and QA

No Code Authoring


Library of Assets

2D assets available as part of the library
3D assets (Virtual humans, objects, environment, etc.)

Per Named User Per Month

$3 to $9, based on volume

Unnamed (Active) Users Per Month

Not available
Available, Contact us

The integration of HyperSkill with multiple platforms, including Desktop, Web, HoloLens, Quest, Vive, and Mobile Devices, enhances the flexibility and accessibility for users. The other product is currently only available on Hololens. priced at $3,500. On the other hand, HyperSkill extends its support to a broader audience with compatibility on devices like Quest 3, priced at $399, making mixed reality solutions more affordable and accessible. 

HyperSkill team is significantly more agile in releasing innovative features such as AI-powered virtual humans, task guidance and assistance, scoring and feedback. HyperSkill includes a large collection of 3D assets and rich learning analytics to accelerate training projects. 

As an example, the following table shows the total annual price for the case of 10 and 100 users.

SimInsights US Vendor

Annual license per user

$3 to $9
$30 to $65


Quest 3

50 users


500 Users


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