SimInsights Announces Enterprise Pricing Tier

Irvine, California, January 11 2023: SimInsights is announcing pricing for the enterprise tier of HyperSkill no-code Gen AI-powered immersive training platform. Pricing for all others was announced previously and is available here. Enterprise tier customers can select from four different pricing options: named user, unnamed (active) monthly user, device based and session based. The named user pricing will start from just $449 per month for 50 users. Users can be of any type – author, learner, etc. This option is well-suited for large accounts who want to get started with immersive training. It is also suitable for university researchers who want to accelerate their research projects. While 50 is the minimum number of users available within the enterprise tier, other plans are available for customers with a larger user base. Those plans typically have a lower cost. Please contact us to learn more.

To provide even more flexible pricing for diverse types of customers, SimInsights offers three additional pricing options:

  1. Unnamed (active) monthly user based licensing: Available for 2500 or more users, this license type enables clients to rotate users through the licenses and get much more value from the HyperSkill platform.
  2. Device based license: On a given device, an unlimited number of users can use HyperSkill.
  3. Session based license: Pricing is based not on the number of users or devices, but on the number of sessions. Each time a user logs in to use a simulation module counts as a session.

For more information and to explore which pricing model best fits your needs, Please contact us.